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Law firm Kirwans offers free ‘health checks’ for SMEs

By Mersey Maritime

Merseyside law firm Kirwans is offering free legal “health checks” to SMEs in the Liverpool city region.

Kirwans partner Frank Rogers says many companies will have at least “one hidden threat lurking in their paperwork” that could damage their business that could lead to costly and damaging cases.

He added solicitors at the firm regularly deal with cases brought against SMEs that could have been prevented through a simple legal review.

Leases, terms and conditions, agreements, employment contracts and corporate structure are just some of the legal documents that can be reviewed by Kirwans’ solicitors to identify potential problems.
Mr Rogers said: “As the New Year kicks in, many of us will be giving ourselves a health check. However, very few people tend to do the same for their business. For most owner/managers, their time is spent working on and trying to evolve the firm while also battling with the increasing burden of rules and regulations.

“They don’t have the chance to go through all of their paperwork with a fine tooth-comb and look for wording that could potentially cause problems and even if they did, clauses are often written in such a way that they’re impenetrable to those with limited legal knowledge.”

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Law firm Kirwans offers free ‘health checks’ for SMEs