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Member of the month: Tilney

By Mersey Maritime

Tilney is an award-winning financial planning and investment company with a major base in Liverpool, at the Royal Liver Building, and a history that stretches back more than 180 years. Its clients include private individuals, families, charities and professionals and it looks after more than £24bn on their behalf.

Many of Tilney’s clients run their own businesses and they have specific financial circumstances with their own set of challenges. In many cases, exiting a business is the culmination of a lifetime’s work, so it is vital to get it right. Whether you are planning to sell your business, transfer ownership, or restructure to include family members, it will be one of the biggest decisions of your career.

Tilney has a long track record of working of supporting business owners throughout their career, so that when it is time to sell or transfer your business they can create the best possible outcome for you when transferring your business wealth into personal wealth.


Selling a business

Ann-Marie Atkins, a chartered financial planner for Tilney in the North West, works with entrepreneurs such as Frazer Bradley, who runs a business supplying clothing to high-end stores, and Andrew Murray, who recently sold his company. Ann-Marie has been helping Frazer restructure the company so it will be ready for selling in the future and has advised Andrew on selling his previous business. She explains the process:

“Building a solid financial planning structure can help you effectively and tax-efficiently transfer business wealth back into personal wealth. To formulate a plan, I consider where the client and their business are currently. This could be anywhere between building up the business to preparing for a future exit or at the exit stage itself.

“When I start to construct this plan, I make sure that my clients don’t miss out on their available tax allowances, such as pension carry forward. I also restructure their income and dividends and ensure that they have used tax-efficient wrappers including ISAs. These can be overlooked or their long-term benefits can be misunderstood.

“It’s really important not to lose sight of them as many of these wrappers can help to create tax-efficient income in retirement. These are just a few of the numerous issues a good financial planner would consider.”


Happy clients

Both Frazer and Andrew are pleased with the services Ann-Marie provided. Andrew said: Before selling my business, I hadn’t received any professional financial planning advice, purely because everything I had was invested in my company. Ann-Marie looked at all the things we needed to do to get us ready and in the best position for when the sale went through.

Frazer said: “The products and services offered by Tilney are great. This is helped in no small part by the likes of Stefan (Palenski, director of investment management), another very solid character. I feel comfortable with Stefan and Ann-Marie looking after my money.”

Ann-Marie added: “We’re able to offer such a great service because we are used to working with entrepreneurs. We understand business structures and work closely with accountants to understand a client’s needs. To make a business exit successful for a client, we know that this is a joint effort between us, the accountant and other professionals involved. When we sit down together we can talk with confidence about the experiences we’ve had with clients and can instil this confidence in the clients themselves.”

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Member of the month: Tilney