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V&A Hydraulics completes Ford pipework project

By Mersey Maritime

Birkenhead based V&A Hydraulics has completed a highly prestigious contract to service 200m of hydraulic pipework helping power test booths at Ford’s Dunton Technical Centre, near Laindon, Essex.

Four V&A specialist engineers completed the project over a long weekend at the Ford test facility., which is in operation 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

The Dunton Technical Centre is one of the largest UK automotive research and development centres, which houses the main design team for Ford of Europe and employs 5,000 staff onsite.

V&A Hydraulics was set up in Birkenhead in 2002 by Vic Seddon and Alison Carmichael as a specialist in hydraulics installation, service and repair. Mr Seddon said this latest prestigious contract required high level skill and precision.

“We have experience delivering work at Ford’s Dunton Technical Centre going back many years,” said Mr Seddon. “This particular job was secured due to our track record delivering high quality services for Ford. The maintenance project involved heavy duty pipework which is out of the remit for Ford’s internal maintenance crew, so we were called in to do the maintenance ‘O ring’ resealing of the pipework to get rid of leaks.

“The hydraulic plant powers 15 large test booths in which parts of cars are tested to destruction, anything from door handles to tow bars to wishbone frames. It’s all given the ultimate stressing and straining. The system is about 25 years old and worked very hard. We’ve known it since installation so we know exactly what to do when undertaking maintenance and servicing.”

Mr Seddon said a pump room houses a large cylindrical oil reservoir tank at the Ford site, which is 18m long and 1.5m diameter. Electric motors drive the system which feeds all the hydraulics in the testing booths via the 200m of pipework.

“The hydraulic pipe sizes ranged greatly from 57mm to 140mm diameter requiring specialist experience and knowledge to handle,” said Mr Seddon. We stripped out the pipework, replaced the seals, put it all back and then tested it to make sure it was working efficiently.”
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V&A Hydraulics background

V&A Hydraulics was founded in 2002 by Vic Seddon and Alison Carmichael and is one of the UK’s leading hydraulics business. The firm is headquartered in Campbeltown Road, Birkenhead. V&A specialises in the installation, service, repair and pressure-flushing of hydraulic pipework – predominantly in the marine sector. Other key services include grease lubrication, pneumatic servicing, maintenance and pressure testing and system flushing. Its vastly experienced team of staff – which includes eight hydraulics engineers – includes eight staff members who each have more than 25 years’ experience. V&A’s target sectors include maritime and subsea, industrial, manufacturing and engineering, papermills, aerospace and automotive and the firm can work across the UK and worldwide.

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V&A Hydraulics completes Ford pipework project