Mersey Maritime - A driving force for the maritime industry on merseysideMersey Maritime - A driving force for the maritime industry on merseyside

30% Discount on IMDG Updates

By Mersey Maritime

Exis Technologies is offering members of Mersey Maritime a 30% discount on the purchase of Amendment 37-14 digital IMDG Code products.

Please see the IMDG Support website for details and contact or call +44 (0)1325 466672 to obtain the discount.

Amendment 37-14 of the Code can be used from 1 Jan 2015 and becomes mandatory from 1 Jan 2016. A free summary of the Amendment 37-14 changes is available here. Exis Technologies has also launched two new 37-14 IMDG Code e-learning courses:

Refresher Course (Amdt 37-14) – provides a recap of the main IMDG Code provisions and includes an update on the latest Amendment for personnel who have previous knowledge of the IMDG Code.

Dangerous Goods Transport General Awareness (Amdt 37-14) – for personnel who have a very limited direct involvement in dangerous goods shipping or transport activities but need a general appreciation of the regulations. For more information see:

Finally, Hazcheck DGL Lite FREE mobile app (Amdt 37-14) is now available from the mobile app store.

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Mersey Maritime is the representative body for the Maritime Sector and related industry sectors operating across the Liverpool City Region. We work with businesses of all sizes and in all locations to develop strong, market-responsive supply chains and promote Liverpool’s maritime industry as a world class Centre of Excellence.


Mersey Maritime is one of Europe’s most successful maritime cluster organisations, representing the interests of over 1700 Maritime, Logistics and Energy businesses on Merseyside and beyond.

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30% Discount on IMDG Updates